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Vegan orange and raisin buns recipe

Friday, January 27, 2017

Today I would like to share with you one of my favourite, super simple and fast way of baking vegan orange and raisin buns.I am great fan of baking my own bread. I love experimenting with my own inventions and trying out someone else recipes. I must admit that baking is kind of addictive and I really got hooked on it.
I can remember when I've tried to make my first bread without bread maker and it was such a great fun. I love that moment when I take bread or buns out of oven, put them on the racking to cool down and then I can taste my first slice. I love taste and smell of fresh bread and rolls. For me baking is still a very creative adventure, I keep discovering different recipes and ideas every single day. I love replacing traditional non vegan ingredients with healthier solution.
My vegan orange and raisin buns taste bit like teacakes I sometimes buy in the shop but the taste of orange and spices is much more intense.

Makes 6-7 buns

250 grams of white plain flour
100 ml of warm plant milk
75ml of warm water
15 ml of cold pressed/virgin oil ( I've used rapaseed oil for that recipe)
60 grams of brown sugar
6 tsp of orange peel
6 tsp of raisins
2 tsp of mixed spices
1 tsp (3 grams) of dry yeasts
pinch of salt

1. Mix plain flour with sugar,salt and mixed spices.
2. Add about 80 ml of warm milk and start to knead that bread. Make a small hole in a dough and pour the rest of the milk and add dry yeasts. Leave for up to 5 minutes and then add warm water,oil,orange peel and carry on working on dough.
Or you can alternatively use food processor to speed up the process of making the dough.
3. Transfer the dough to bowl and cover with tea towel and leave it to double in warm place for up to 1/2-1 hour.
4.Heat the fan oven/oven up to 180 Degrees C /200 Degrees C
5. Divide the dough into 6 pieces., form small balls and use pin roller to make them flat.
6. Place raw buns on the baking tray and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.
7.Take baking tray out of oven and place buns on the racking to cool down.

Enjoy it ...

<img alt="see more of vegan orange and raisin buns recipe">

<img alt="see more of orange and raisin buns">

<img alt="see more vegan buns recipe">

I know that bread is high in carbohydrates but sometimes I just can't resist creating & tasting some nice buns.

Ingredients for vegan orange and raisin buns

<img alt=" click more to see ingredients for vegan and raisin buns">

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anti aging cosmetics

Banana coconut oil turmeric face mask

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Are you a fan of natural home made face mask?
I love feeding my face  whit natural ingredient which I can find in my either fridge or kitchen cabinet when I get the chance especially after some day in the sun or now in a winter when our skin is exposed to cold temperature.

That mask has got so many benefits for women and men of all age groups

- helps to fight signs of acne
- prevents appearance of new wrinkles
- makes the existing wrinkles look smaller
- moisturises the skin
- soothing skin effect
- helps to remove
- brightens the skin and improves it's texture instantly
- skin regain it's natural glow

3-4 slices of banana( can be 1/4 of large banana)
1 tsp of virgin coconut oil
1 tsp of ground turmeric
1/2 bag of green tea( a great way of using up tea bags)

1.Mash banana with fork , add coconut oil, green tea and turmeric
2. Mix with fork until you will receive smooth mixture, apply to your face and neck for about 15-10 minutes.
3. I would recommend using this mask daily for great benefits.
4. Turmeric can stain clothes, wear old t-shirt or old clothes while you apply your facial mask.

First visible changes appear after around 5-7 days.

<img alt="click to see organic cosmetics">

<img alt="click to see D.I.Y cosmetics">

<img alt="see more anti wrinkle masks">

<img alt="click to see anti aging cosmetics">

<img alt="click for more organic cosmetics">

<img alt="click to see anti wrinkle mask">

Share your thought and comments, tell me do you have any favourite D.I.Y natural facial mask which makes a difference?

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great britain

Discovering rural county Suffolk in UK

Monday, January 23, 2017

I am very keen traveller and country walker myself and I love rural countryside. Usually when I go somewhere I can hardly wait to go and explore the area around.

County Suffolk in UK is not very well known and as popular as other parts.There is so much potential and amazing things to do and see. I have walked through all those places hundreds of times and I discover something new and exciting every single day.

I think that Suffolk is one of the best counties for country walks and cycling. There are so many different public paths through private land and woods all over Suffolk.
You can go for miles without seeing anyone.
If you are into country walks Suffolk is an ideal place for that.

<img alt="click for more images of county Suffolk">

An old barn near Dunwich,Suffolk

One of my favourite places to walk in Suffolk is Westelton Heath Nature Reserve. This amazing place always brings smile to my face. Huge area covered in woods with so many different birds, plants is a terrific place to discover. Great idea for family walk on Sunday or any day of the week either with friends or on your own.
There will be always plenty to see there through out the year.

westelton heath nature reserve

<img alt="Click for more images of Nature Reserve">

<img alt="See more images of Nature Reserve in Suffolk">

<img alt="see more of Westelton Nature Resort">

Suffolk is a great county itself and it would it give a justice to show or describe all the highlights and benefits in just a one short post so I will focus here in just a small area of Suffolk.If you will ever travel to Suffolk either on business or to see friends this place is worth attention.
Village Westelton is one of those drive through pretty little English villages with well preserved cottages of all styles and few modern houses. Westelton Heath Nature Reserve starts on the outskirts of that picturesque village. I haven't seen myself over here in UK such a wast woodland with huge birch and pine trees. Well managed nature reserve with a lots of different paths will keep most demanding country walker happy.
It's just so easy to forget what time is and get addicted to sightseeing over here.
I could post hundreds of different photos from that glorious part of Suffolk.
Another great Suffolk village nearby is Darsham with it's old great church and well looked after variety of houses and cottages can be a great place for walk.
<img alt="Click to see more village Darsham">

<img alt="click to see Darsham,Suffolk">

<img alt="click to see Darsham in Suffolk">

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floral dress

Floral winter dresses and skirts

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just about any women I know has got some favourite fashion  item or something which we just can't resist. Some of us go crazy for new handbag, other women can't leave shop without buying new mini skirt.
My favourite clothing item which always bring smile to my face is floral dress. 

<img alt="click for more floral dresses ">

                                                                                             Floral bodycon dress

Winter fashion is dominated by grey, black or brown clothing.Don't get me wrong, I am fashion lover and I love combination of grey-black or other colour but floral patterned dresses and skirts make me so happy.Personalty I think that we can ignore stereotype that floral patterns and fabrics are good only for spring or summer season.

<img alt="see more floral dress">


 Floral Flare dress

There are so many different styles and patterns of floral winter dresses and skirts. We are spoilt for choice thanks to many different shops and clothes designers. 
I love this idea of bodycon winter floral dress and those so stylish jacquard dress as the one above.I can remember buying one years ago by some well known designer- I still have that dress hidden somewhere in my closet.

That beautiful floral long skirt will make a great winter outfit with black coat or jacket.

                                                                                        Pencil floral skirt

Skirt above will make a part of great fresh office outfit in a dull winter days.
I've just realised that few years ago I have purchased a very similar pencil skirt and I was wearing it in a very cold winter with my long coat and boots. I got so many complements and kind words from both women and men.

<img alt="click to see more floral skirts">

                                                                                                                  Floral dress

Those floral dresses and skirt have something subtle and light in them that makes the difference and lifts up our mood immediately. I love those floral patterns and design , it doesn't really matter if the prints are small or large.

           Maxi skirt    
<img alt="click for more winter fashion">

<img alt="see more winter fashion">

Long sleeve dress

I wouldn't be able to resist to wear that long white and pink dress with floral pattern. I love that idea.Those floral winter dresses and skirt add some flair and lightness, tint of colour and positive vibes to winter fashion.

<img alt="click for more winter fashion">

                                                                                      Floral maxi dress

                                                                                       Maxi floral dress

Truly magical maxi floral dress will look amazing and outstanding in cold winter days. I think that a lots of women get this false idea that floral patterns are for warm days only and can be only associated with summer. No more worries about season and time to wear those precious truly exceptional clothing.

<img alt="click to see long floral dress">

                                          Maxi floral dress

<img alt="click for more floral dress">

                                                                                                                  Floral maxi dress

Share your thoughts and comments with me about your favourite , a must have piece of clothing, something which you can't live without.

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clothing inspiration

Inspirations for magical winter pastel outfit

Monday, January 16, 2017

How to look and feel amazing wearing pastel outfit

<img alt="see more pastel outfits">

<img alt="see more pastel outfits ">

I've logged to my Instagram account the other day and I got that amazing inspiration from a lady I follow to create some great creative ideas for winter pastel outfit.
It's amazing how much change to our mood can be made just with few simple positive fashion items. I can imagine myself so happy and feeling awesome knowing that I wear one of those optimistic outfits. You don't need to break a bank to wear those amazing, stylish ideas which will cheer you up and lift up your mood instantly.

I have nothing against contemporary beige, black or grey styling fashion idea but those winter pastel outfits will make you stand out of the crowd and immediately happy without even trying. I think we know all that colours play a very important part in our life. Think how you feel when you are entering light, vibrant space such as nice restaurant or shop filled with pastel colours. It  makes so much difference. Why not become a happiness magnet wearing positive, pastel,rainbow colours for everyday activities.
I would love to buy all of those clothes for myself and create even more positive ambience around me playing with those subtle shades of  rainbow.

Stay positive this winter season with magical colorful outfits.
Idea 1
<img alt="click for more women fashion">
pastel blue coat

light blue trousers

Block Heel Suede Boots

light blue jumper

light blue knit snood

cross body bag

Idea 2
<img alt="pastel winter outfit">

Over the knee tight apricot boots
Pastel pink pencil skirt

Long sleeve top

Pastel nude

Silver necklace

Pink backbag

Idea 3
<img alt="see more pastel clothing">

Long pastel cardigan

Pastel ankle boots

Pencil skirt

Pastel top

Pastel shoulder bag

Silver necklace

Idea 4
BUY THE LOOK                                             
<img alt="see more inspirations for outfit idea">
Print mini skirt

Light blue cardigan

Light blue jumper

Blue pastel bag

Pastel blue scarf

Silver bracelet

Light blue over knee boots

Idea 5    
BUY THE LOOK                                
Light pink jacket

Long sleeve maxi pastel lilac dress

Love silver necklace

Silver bracelet

Silver bracelet

Silver earrings

Babe boots

Pastel lilac backpack

Idea 6

<img alt="see more pastel outfit">
Pastel jumper

Old pink trousers

Blush pink jacket

Lace up nude boots

Pink beanie winter hat

Camel scarf

Light grey gloves


Off white backback

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food & recipe

Vegan coconut & chocolate no bake cheese cake

Monday, January 09, 2017

Vegan coconut & chocolate no bake cheese cake

I used to be almost addicted to Bounty bars before I became vegan. I love taste of coconut. I was thinking how to make a great coconut and chocolate cheese cake.  I came with this idea of creating a multi layers vegan cheese cake which will taste heavenly. This cake is an effect of my experiment with coconut milk & designated coconut. It's a great source of protein, saturated fat and carbohydrates.


Recipe below, you don't need to wait for few hours for that cake to set and be ready to serve.

Serves 10
Makes 5 layers vegan cheese cake
Dish:( for container 12x20x6 cm width-lenght-deepth )

Preparation time: up to 2 hours

550 ml of soy milk
400 ml of coconut milk
20 grams of raw cocoa powder
30 grams of designated coconut
40 grams of brown sugar( you can use any vegan sweetener such as agave syrup, maple syrup or stevia sweetner)
15 grams of agar agar powder

1. Pour 200 ml of soy milk to saucepan , add 5 grams of brown sugar and 3 grams( less than tea spoon) of agar agar powder.Bring to boil on medium heat to activate agar agar powder, keep to stir all the time.
2. Leave the mixture on side to cool down for about 5 minutes and then pour it to container or other dish of your choice( you can always divide that mixture to small round glass dishes or ramekins). Leave it to set for about 20-30 minutes
3. Pour 200 ml of coconut milk to saucepan add agar agar powder, designated coconut and tea spoon of brown sugar. Bring it to boil while stiring. Boil for about 2-3 minutes after first bubble will appear and then leave it on side for around 5 minutes to cool down.
4.Pour the mixture to that same dish as the first layer.
5. Keep repeating those 3 above steps until you will achieve 5 or more layers.


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