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Long skirt in autumn

Monday, October 24, 2016

We sometimes wonder which long skirt will look fashionable and great , here I have few ideas for comfortable, classy fresh look this autumn 2016.

Developed in collaboration with international style icon Olivia Palermo, this delicate autumn long skirt is layered with divisions of ruffles and set up with crisp accordion pleats. Metallic streaks illuminate the blackened silhouette, putting a decidedly romantic finish on this designer fashion garment. This stunning long skirt will make it unbelievable impact while you party with your friends or on typical day.

This stunning long skirt by Next will enhance your waist and wrap softly,so long that is almost touching ground will not certainly go without notice.Perfect choice for phenomenal piece of garment for hose who wish to look sunny and warm this autumn.You will for sure bit autumn blues by wearing this amazing piece of clothing.
photo above by courtesy of Next

Here I have an amazing autumn long skirt for party time. Eye catching design in floral contrast pattern will make impact on other party goers.Tie, long floral skirt generate fullness and drastic shimmer. This is an awesome outfit for classy & elegant lady who wants to keep up with fashion this autumn. Hold on to that piece fashionable clothing and feel like party queen. 
                                                                                                          photo above by courtesy of Next

Next Chiffon is back in fashion this autumn season with this long black skirt.
If you want to make impression on by passers or stand out and feel comfortable go for that simple yet catchy double layered black skirt. Class on it's own for sensible price.

Another impressive, every day wear black long skirt which will enhance your waist , will look so classy and elegant on you. You just can't go wrong wearing this rather simple yet so exceptional skirt on long autumn evenings.I love this phenomenal garment which is a must in every classy women wardrobe. 

Get that stunning fresh look wearing this long floral skirt this autumn. Double layered chiffon skirt with delicious pattern will brighten up any gloomy day. Soft fabric will wrap nicely around your legs making incredible impact. 

Black, long skirt with lace outer fabric pictured below seems to be very fashionable this autumn 2016. If you would like to look elegant and classy while you are going out or you just chilling out with your friends go for that fashionable item.

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travel fashion

5 inspirations for travel outfits to look & feel great

Sunday, October 23, 2016

You know what is like when you are going to board a long flight or face long journey and you wonder what to wear to feel comfortable.
Here I have brought together few ideas for great travel outfits for you to travel in comfort and peace of mind and are practical too. Create your own style and make yourself feel great about yourself.
Once we pack our suitcases to set off for amazing holiday,business trip or weekend escape we very often ask that same question. What am I going to wear to feel comfortable and look fab on the long haul flight or train journey? Sometimes is not easy to combine awesome appearance and look with practicality of our clothes. We all want to look & feel great about ourselves. Here I came with an easy to follow solutions for those who want to travel in style. Especially now in autumn is just so important to wear light, comfy travel outfit. So let's travel in style.

Idea 1 – stylish travel outfit

White denim shirt with those beige comfy trousers accomplished by beige scarf and pair of soft gloves will make your journey smoother and easy going. Indulge yourself with this stylish clothes which will fit your travelling needs. I have fallen in love with this classy handbag and simple yet so sophisticated gold plated bracelet.

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Idea 2 – sporty travel outfit on budget

You just can’t go wrong if you will wear these super comfy cotton grey trousers by Next and long sleeve blouse by that same brand. Grey accessories such as wool hat, grey gloves,sunglasses and scarf. Small, handy backpack will complete that fantastic outfit. Perfect set of clothes with comfy trainers for those who like to feel and look great when travelling.

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Idea 3 – black & white travel outfit

Why not to go for simple, elegant travel outfit with black jeans, classic white shirt and simple designer coat. You will look fabulous with  black bag by Jasper Conran, flat loafers shoes by, soft silky scarf and golden ear rings and bracelet.

Idea 4 – terrific travel outfit

For those of you who love simplicity and black accessories will like that elegant idea for travel clothes. Black trousers with cream jumper and black waistcoat will make you look great. Simple ear rings and necklace will add touch of flair and elegance while you shoot off to fly. Classy bag on budget by Even&Odd with enough space for all your necessary items, cosmetics and documents. You just can’t go wrong with those clothes.

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Idea 5 –Travel clothes in black& grey
If you want everyone who passes you at the airport to admire your great taste when it comes to choice of clothes get inspired by this idea. 
Black jeans & shirt will look classy on you.
 Grey boots, silky scarf with fashionable wool hat will add touch of elegance. Designer bag & purse by Michael Kors will enhance your clothes. If I would fly somewhere today, I would certainly go for that sophisticated travel outfit idea. 

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