Floral winter dresses and skirts

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just about any women I know has got some favourite fashion  item or something which we just can't resist. Some of us go crazy for new handbag, other women can't leave shop without buying new mini skirt.
My favourite clothing item which always bring smile to my face is floral dress. 

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                                                                                             Floral bodycon dress

Winter fashion is dominated by grey, black or brown clothing.Don't get me wrong, I am fashion lover and I love combination of grey-black or other colour but floral patterned dresses and skirts make me so happy.Personalty I think that we can ignore stereotype that floral patterns and fabrics are good only for spring or summer season.

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 Floral Flare dress

There are so many different styles and patterns of floral winter dresses and skirts. We are spoilt for choice thanks to many different shops and clothes designers. 
I love this idea of bodycon winter floral dress and those so stylish jacquard dress as the one above.I can remember buying one years ago by some well known designer- I still have that dress hidden somewhere in my closet.

That beautiful floral long skirt will make a great winter outfit with black coat or jacket.

                                                                                        Pencil floral skirt

Skirt above will make a part of great fresh office outfit in a dull winter days.
I've just realised that few years ago I have purchased a very similar pencil skirt and I was wearing it in a very cold winter with my long coat and boots. I got so many complements and kind words from both women and men.

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                                                                                                                  Floral dress

Those floral dresses and skirt have something subtle and light in them that makes the difference and lifts up our mood immediately. I love those floral patterns and design , it doesn't really matter if the prints are small or large.

           Maxi skirt    
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<img alt="see more winter fashion">

Long sleeve dress

I wouldn't be able to resist to wear that long white and pink dress with floral pattern. I love that idea.Those floral winter dresses and skirt add some flair and lightness, tint of colour and positive vibes to winter fashion.

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                                                                                      Floral maxi dress

                                                                                       Maxi floral dress

Truly magical maxi floral dress will look amazing and outstanding in cold winter days. I think that a lots of women get this false idea that floral patterns are for warm days only and can be only associated with summer. No more worries about season and time to wear those precious truly exceptional clothing.

<img alt="click to see long floral dress">

                                          Maxi floral dress

<img alt="click for more floral dress">

                                                                                                                  Floral maxi dress

Share your thoughts and comments with me about your favourite , a must have piece of clothing, something which you can't live without.

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