Shea butter & coconut oil body butter

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Shea butter & coconut oil body butter

I can’t praise enough this wonderful combination of two natural ingredients.
I spend few years looking for an ideal moisturizing solution for my dry and sensitive skin.
Over the years I have tried different moisturizing balms and body creams. Since I can remember I had a very dry, itchy skin vulnerable to sun burns. I came across idea of making my own D.I.Y body butter by combining virgin coconut oil with unrefined shea butter.  I must say I was amazed by positive effect which was visible after my first application. I’ve used electric whisker to bit up shea butter due to its pretty hard consistency. Then I had added that same amount of coconut oil as a result I’ve produce pure, raw, organic body butter packed with all the goodies.
It was really hard for me to believe that just by mixing those two natural oils together I can achieve such an impressive and highly beneficial effect on my body skin.
My skin became much more subtle and softer with instant relief. One of the great reasons to use combination of shear butter and coconut oil is continues improvement of my skin appearance without dry effect and well retain moisture level.
One of many reasons why shea butter is so beneficial for you
Shea butter has an extensive variety of astonishing recuperating properties coming from its physical make up of vitamins A, E, and cinnamic corrosive, just to give some examples. Shea butter has been appeared to have calming abilities and has been used for these advantages for many years. It has been appeared to expand the recuperating of wounds and heal scars. It is utilized to recuperate dermatitis, smoulders, rashes, extremely dry skin, and to reduce the disturbance of psoriasis.
Harm from the sun creates free radicals in skin cells, which is a well-known contributing factor to skin aging. To stay away from harm, skin needs year round protection. Shea butter contains natural UV factors such as Vitamin E creating a film on the skin. Every day use of shea butter skin on the face and body radically slows down the impact of skin aging and helps to retain moisture level.
Shea butter advantages the skin abandoning it delicate and supple after topical application. It is rapidly substituting cocoa spread for the utilization of extend check aversion. Shea butter salves are utilized by back rub specialists and spas because of its non-oily after feel and compelling softening results. Truth be told, the utilization of shea butter to supplant different oils is developing as more specialists find shea butter healthy skin treatment items.

Shea butter has got the properties to heal wounds, scars, sunburns, eczema, insect bites and other skin related conditions.
Shea butter can vary from in colour, it might be a almost white or a cream shade to deep yellow.

I think that almost everyone knows benefits of virgin coconut oil used widely in cosmetics industry. But for those of you which haven't come across this amazing natural, organic ingredient I will mention few benefits. It helps moisturize skin and works wonders for sagging skin. Coconut oil is beneficial for people with sensitive or dry skin as it helps flaking and also delays appearance of wrinkles. Coconut oil is excellent for w whole body massage.This wonderful remedy brings relief from symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and other skin infections, irritations and allergy, that's why it can be used by people who's skin is sensitive foe chemicals in shop bought range of products. Coconut oil brings relief from sun burns , moisturize dry scalp and helps to remove dandruff. It works wonder for skin stretch marks. It can be used for treating signs of acne too. The list of benefits of coconut oil is endless. 

Shea butter

coconut oil

I would like to compliment this simple yet so effective solutions such as body shea butter and coconut oil body butter which I would recommend to anyone in any age group. If you want to get instant results and get inexpensive natural, organic body cream also suitable for face go for that great blend. I would recommend this great body butter recipe for people sensitive for chemicals, parabens, vaseline or any other non organic ingredient used in cosmetics which you can buy in the shop.

Recipe for Shea butter & coconut oil body butter

Preparation time: 10 minutes 

150 grams of Unrefined Shea Butter
150 grams of Virgin Cold Pressed/Unrefined Coconut Oil

Use electric whisker to beat up Shea butter first and then add coconut oil( you can use any brand) and combine those two ingredient until smooth . You can also add any other oil such as almond oil or lavender oil to enhance natural healing and moisturizing properties of this awesome mixture which will soften your skin and lock moisture in your skin. 

My shea butter & coconout oil body butter

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