I love travelling, last year I've lived for a few weeks in incredible town Stow on The Wold in Cotswolds, UK. I was so happy that I was fortunate enough to live there in this awesome little historic town in heart of England.

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I've enjoyed every single moment in Stow on The Wold walking through narrow streets surrounding historical market of this picturesque town in Gloucestershire,UK. I had great lunch in The Kings Arm pub. I admired one of the most spectacular gardens I have ever seen with it's perfectly cut and well maintained topiary trees and small lavender bushes.

Personalty I think that this is one of the most beautiful regions in England.I have visited Cotswolds first time over 10 years ago. When I went back to village called Broadway in Worcestershire I've felt as time has stooped there long time ago. All those beautiful landscapes, stone houses, old thatched cottages seemed to be untouched.  This is one of those destinations where is easy to relax, unwind and feel  amazing ambiance withing the place.

Broadway village,Worcestershire,UK

I've felt amazing walking around the streets of Broadway,Worcestershire after so many years remaining myself those truly stunning stone houses, little cottages, picturesque gardens around village.

Thatched cottage in Broadway,Worcestershire

I loved my walk around village appreciating beautiful shapes of topiary trees in private gardens and in the front of Broadway hotel.

Charming village of Broadway, Worcesterhire looks even better than on photos and is a place when I would come back again and again to watch people, appreciate achievements of architecture. This is certainly a great place for people of all ages. I would recommend this wonderful village for everyone especially for tourists which would like to experience timeless beauty of England. While you are in Cotswolds,UK you will see so many vintage cars either being driven or parked by those old, stone houses.
Famous village of Broadway has been an inspiration for many artist with it's misty mornings and impossible to recreate stone buildings.


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